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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Going too far...

I just remembered the other day about some articles I had read concerning a very interesting and sad (but keep in mind rare) instance concerning a USC fraternity.

Again, let me first be clear that I am not against Greek life, alcohol, or parties. I have experienced it all myself, but one things still puzzles me: why some students feel the need to get drunk and hook up in order to have fun. I'm letting you know my thoughts about some of that aspect of college culture, while thinking about ways to improve my own college life as well as that of my friends and peers.

This case in the articles is not a reflection of all, or even most, Greek life. Fraternities and sororities are undoubtedly a great place to meet new people and enjoy oneself; however, there are some extremes instances  that can come about as seen by the sexism, bias, and violent nature displayed by USC's Kappa Sigma.

These two articles are about a case of a frat who sent out emails to its members talking about fellow female classmates. It refers to women as objects and, for example, ugly women as filth among many other offensive, sexist, crude, and violent remarks. The whole message reeks of a primitive lifestyle that these boys seem to live by, where the rankings depend on whom you have sex with and how often you "get some". It's a sad reality that there are a rare group of people who look upon other people as simply "targets" and that do not regard non-consensual sex as rape. Such rare instances where these groups go unnoticed can lead to many cases of rape and sexual harassment that in my opinion, spoil college for everybody else and give Greek life and universities a bad name.

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