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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The tree

At my university, I'm on a varsity team that has both women's and a men's sides. We practice together and for the most part, we are all pretty close. A lot of kids on the team go to the same parties or throw team parties. We even have a team drink that's, well to be honest, it's terrible.

I occasionally went to team parties when I wasn't too busy but mainly when we, as Freshmen on the team, had to attend for various hazing rituals.

Anyways, we were on the road one weekend during my second semester when one of the Juniors whips out his computer and opens up a window with what looks like an ancestry or lineage tree or even a map of airline flights and destinations. There were little boxes with words in them and arrows and dotted lines going this way and that way. I was about fifteen feet off stretching as I thought, "Wait, that can't be a lineage tree. The lines are going everywhere, and almost every single box is connected." People started to crowd around to get a closer look. I heard people begin to laugh and give high fives, and there were even some looks of shock on some of the girls' faces soon followed by pointing and laughing with one another. I got up and went to inspect what all the fuss was about.

In each little box were the names of everyone on the team, minus, at most, a few. I could only assume what the arrows meant. It was a hook up tree (for those of you who don't know, hook up in this case means sex). I looked at it for a bit blocking out the laughs and high fives and reminiscing of my fellow teammates. There were arrows everywhere. Some had around ten little arrows pointing to their name and some had even more. I knew people got rip-roaring drunk at our parties and hooked up, but I had no idea that casual sex was so frequent and so, for lack of a better word, incestuous within the team. There must have been hundreds of dotted lines and arrows going this way and that way out of a total of about probably fifty or sixty names. And keep in mind, this was only within our small team. There are thousands of students at my university, meaning tens of thousands of dotted lines and arrows pointing from one student to another. A continuously growing chain.

Another surprise to me was that no matter what each Freshman was like in high school. Whether they drank or didn't drink or had sex before or were virgins, almost every single Freshman was on there connected to multiple people, including other Freshmen and upperclassmen.

I clearly remember a couple people say to other team members: "That didn't happen...no way! I don't even remember that." Another would reply: "You're right that was Jacob that she hooked up with that night." Then yet another would say: "Wait no...she hooked up Jacob on Friday, and with this guy that night." The creator of the tree then added: "Shit, I have to add that then."

Names are made up to protect identities.

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