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Friday, December 2, 2011

Mike Greeny

Over my years in middle school, high school, and college, I have attended many mandatory alcohol education programs and classes (mainly boring lectures) starting from even the 8th grade. Our class had heard the same thing old speech so many times that these meetings felt like a tortuous waste of time in which we would be told what to do and what not to do.

Once I got to college I thought that I'd be done with all this nonsense, but I soon found out that I had to attend yet another mandatory athletes and alcohol talk.

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the huge classroom: only about 25-35% of the freshmen student athletes were even at the meeting. We had become so jaded by these pointless alcohol lectures that a majority of the students never bothered to show up.

The second thing: nobody cared who or how many students were present. Not a single teacher or coach came to see whether or not his or her team was present so I naturally thought that this would be another huge waste of time...

However, a couple minutes into the start of the discussion (Yes, it was a discussion, not a lecture.) I knew that this would be the most entertaining, attention-grabbing, and informative alcohol education meeting I'd ever been to. Our speaker Mike Green connected and interacted with us by involving the crowd with a lot of energy, asking questions about how much we drank, and getting us to speak up. He didn't tell us what to do. Rather, he empathized with us by showing that he knew what it was like to be a young person just starting university. He himself had been on a college football team pounding drinks and partying hard week-in and week-out. And through his different alcohol education methods, we were able to better understand the potential disasters and tragedies that can come out of binge drinking such as fatal car accidents, alcohol poisoning, and, in his case, alcoholism. Most of the time, we simply dismiss whatever we are told in these kinds of meetings; however, this time, because we trusted that Mike still remembered what it was like to be our age and because he never told us what to do, everybody payed attention and left with a better understanding of the potential dangers of excess alcohol to ourselves and the people around us.

Here's a video of Mike speaking: http://www.soccercoachtv.com/TheCoachShow/site/Show23/Show23home.html
If you're interested in Mike, check out his website: http://www.mikegreeny.com/
He travels all over the country to discuss binge drinking and alcohol safety at universities. If you'd like to have him speak to your class and/or athletic team, then please contact him!

Mike "Greeny" Green

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