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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stress release

I originally started posting about alcohol in excess because it is by far one of the most vocalized problem when it comes to college and kids of our age. Now, I'm going even deeper into what I find to be the main issue at hand that no adults or administrations seem to even recognize as problematic.

And that is: stress caused by the ever increasing amount of pressure that surrounds our education and our "futures." As I wrote before, the amount of pressure stemming from the need to succeed and do well continues to grow. In order to get into a good middle school, high school, college, grad school, etc or to find a great job, it seems as though we must not only be at the top of the class in school, but succeed at our extracurricular activities as well. This "be the best" mentality only seems to create more and more stress for us.

During middle school and high school, there may be limited stress releases depending on where you grow up, your parents, yours school, whether you smoke, drink, or do drugs, etc. But, when we get to university, the easiest and most popular stress release is alcohol.

Let's say you get stressed out and don't want to think about anything. You have so much work that keeps piling up. Your parents continuously nag you about this and that. You've barely slept in the past week. You're fighting with your friend or significant other. So what's the best way to just stop thinking and enjoy yourself: go out and get drunk. At university, it's readily available, and without your parents there, you can do whatever you want to. When you're drunk, you don't think about these stress related issues. You just let go of everything. You're more outgoing. You dance more (or better as some might think). You just feel good.

Let's be honest, a lot of us have done this before or do it currently. But think about it a little more. Here's where maturity comes into play. Don't you think that if we were all a little bit more mature, then we would be able to handle the extra stress and freedom that we experience in college. What if, after high school or Freshmen year, you took a year to work or travel and were able to relax a little bit? Take the weight off your shoulders and see what the real world is like. Do you think that would help?

Yes, I know that we do grow a lot our Freshmen year because of our experiences. Nevertheless, we are also simply at that age where we are just figuring out the world and what we want to do. Perhaps a little less stress would do us some good.

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