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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Irony of James Franco's "Undergrads"

In my last post, James Franco's "Undergrads", I said that the Franco brothers have done an important thing in exposing the extreme side of college partying to the public. I also wrote that we should all take the story with a grain of salt seeing as they depict a minority of the student population. However, I find it all the more ironic, that every single news article does not focus on the actual scenes in the web series. Rather, they simply talk about the reputation of the school depicted. None of the publications has admitted that USC was not the main  focus of the web series. It's not called "USC's Undergrads," and it's most certainly not trying to criticize and/or ruin the reputation of the University of Southern California. It's simply attempting to expose extreme college social life in general.

Nevertheless, I do understand why USC is angry. They have spent a lot of time, effort, and money improving their reputation, and this web series certainly will not help that. No article has outright said that this was not an attack directed towards USC, rather an exposition of extreme college social life. In all reality, the media has simply exacerbated the effect on USC's reputation.

Some examples:
Los Angeles Times ExtraLos Angeles Times BlogHuffington PostUK Daily Mail

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