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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Upcoming Results

As all of you current high school seniors know (including parents of high school seniors), regular decision results will be coming out quite shortly on April 1st. Before that time, I just wanted to leave a small message.

As horrible as this is, all of you will experience disappointment. Some of you will also feel relief, happiness, or even a little bit empty because of the gaping hole that the college process has left behind. I know these things because I've been through the same process and felt the same way.

Before results came out, I was fearful of rejection, yet hopeful that I would successfully wiggle my way out of the seemingly wicked hands of the college admissions officers. Much to my surprise at the time, that was not the case. On April 1st, I was as angry as I could've been. After working so hard in high school, all that motivation to get into this or that college became, more or less, a blind rage towards colleges in general, which covered up my sadness and feeling of rejection. (Yes, for those smart-asses out there, I did get accepted to at least one college).

Nevertheless, everything just seemed so unfair for everybody. Even the really, really smart kids didn't get into their first choices... if they couldn't, how could I?

That ended up being the last question I had in my mind since applying, or at least until I got away from the hustle and bustle of school. I hadn't really had much time to contemplate the whole "college application thing" since the year before. However, in the past six months, as many of you have read about in my previous posts, I've been thinking up a storm.

I've learned to come to grips with how the college process works and with just how many "unknown factors" are involved. For example, even though there are many ways to improve your chances such as working hard and studying, I've discovered that there is no such thing as guaranteed admission for anybody. Even athletes at times.

Here's where I could tell you to relax and that everything will be alright, but, in the moment, it really doesn't feel that way. No adult nor parent will be able to tell you otherwise. Yes, as soon as you start getting excited for college, those feelings will pass. However, I think that to truly understand and accept the college process, you need to come to the same conclusions on your own. I don't expect anybody going through admissions to appreciate what I have to say, but, hopefully, I can try to point your thoughts in the right direction. The sooner you are able to move on, the more enjoyable your college experience will be.

But, for now, there's nothing more to be done. You're past the worst of it. The only thing left is the slightly less daunting task of deciding where to go.

P.S. - Here's some further evidence regarding how much pride colleges take in diversity. I happened to stumble upon it whilst browsing the Internets.

You know that many spots must be reserved for any kind of minority whether that concern race, affliction, or if you're from another country (see yellow boxed text).  

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